Harpia Consultancy Services

In addition to offering established firms and new players a one stop shop for mining investment, Harpia provides a variety of consultancy services including hardware sourcing, site scouting, partner introduction, monthly reporting and powerful insights into the many facets of the mining market and crypto networks. 

Support, Service, Security.

At its core, Harpia was built around the principles of support and education. While the mining hardware market is complex and constantly evolving, our team is dedicated to ongoing investor support services and education throughout their project lifetime. Through macro and micro analysis of the industry with obsessive attention to detail, Harpia consultancy services enable established companies and institutional investors alike the ability to make confident, educated decisions about hardware purchase and implementation, leading to demonstrably higher returns and increased overall client satisfaction.

At Harpia we look at each client as a unique long-term partner on the path to the decentralized economy of tomorrow, and we are proud to offer end to end support including ongoing reporting, broad market news, new market opportunities and Harpia knowledgebase synthesis

Hardware Sourcing

Our relationships with major manufacturers such as Bitmain, Whatsminer, Canaan, Obelisk, Innosilicon, and more mean that we can source all of your hardware needs in scale. In addition, our vast partner network lets us tap into the vast used wholesale markets for current and last-gen hardware at the most competitive bulk prices.

Site Scouting

Our longstanding network of on and off grid power providers, real estate players and hosting partners allow us to place new projects in the most advantageous and environmentally friendly sites, ensuring the lowest power prices and utmost efficiency for any project size. Let Harpia do the leg work in finding your next mining site.

Partner Indroduction

With over 3 years experience in the mining industry, Harpia’s partner network encompasses a variety of the best firms in the world of Blockchain technology. From software development to exchange build out to cyber security to hardware, see how Harpia can help you find the right partners. 

Additional Services

Harpia specializes in infrastructure project management, but we have all the necessary tools and partnerships to help our clients develop services on top of these networks.


Connect to our extensive network of miner hosting and datacenter providers


Access to a variety of carefully vetted Blockchain developers


Access our industry leading pod fabricators and electrical infrastructure experts

Power Providers

Connect to our network of global on/off grid power providers

Blockchain Data

Harpia Insights

Harpia insights allows clients to stay up to date with the quickly evolving crypto mining space. Our research team evaluates new market opportunities, current and future hardware, meta market trends and more to deliver you a highly curated window into the inner workings of the industry.  Harpia insights are included with our full service client projects and also available as a standalone service.