Harpia Mining came to life in early 2017 as a regional, full-fledged boutique mining solution, allowing worldwide private investors and institutional funds the ability to invest in Northeast U.S. based cryptocurrency mining infrastructure. Through extensive research, location and strategic partner scouting, Harpia developed as the go-to solution for turnkey mining projects in the area.

At the end of 2017 Harpia underwent an extensive research and development period, designing a proprietary system to monitor and interpret data from all of the top Proof of Work (PoW) based public Blockchain networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Zcash. Today the result is a robust database solution that allows Harpia to generate industry leading projections for large scale mining infrastructure players to make the most educated decisions on hardware purchase and installation. While much of the industry builds with only a rough understanding of the market forces at play, Harpia is actively utilizing data to transition infrastructure build out from an art into a science.

With hardware optimization in mind, Harpia uses this data to recommend and execute on the most efficient, environmentally friendly and profitable project strategies; custom tailored to investor risk profiles and scale. Projects designed by Harpia lead the industry in both efficiency and investment planning.

At Harpia we understand that decentralized networks need to incentivize entities all over the globe to run the computer infrastructure they need to survive and proliferate. Starting with Proof of Work mining, Harpia is growing into the premiere provider of Blockchain intelligence and infrastructure projects for investors around the world.

“Economics teaches us that participation in that (mining) market delivers marginal profits over a long period of time for the most efficient operators”

– Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Meet Our Team

The dynamic and diverse  Harpia team is comprised of the foremost experts in Blockchain infrastructure, computer hardware, business operations and the energy industry. The Harpia team is nimble, with the right mix of passion and experience.  With years of proven success in the Blockchain ecosystem and an active presence in both North and South America, the Harpia team is leading the way in building the most efficient infrastructure projects for tomorrow’s economy.   

Pedro Mace

CEO, Founder

Jesse Phillips

COO, Co-founder

Alessandro Patti

CBO, Board Member

Zach Silverman

Data Analyst

What Industry Experts Say

Kyle - Frontier Mining

“Harpia’s team has been a pleasure to work with. They are one of the most unique firms in the mining space, and bring something to the industry that is rarely seen: the blending of deep mining knowledge and a strong understanding and application of economic principles to create data-driven long-term strategies. More so, not only is Harpia’s team tactically sound, but they are kind, respectful and go out of their way for their clients and partners. We could not recommend them more.”

Tim - Mining Engineer

“After working on several projects with Harpia We cannot recommend them strongly enough. When doing business with Harpia you will get a highly knowledgeable team, top-level professionalism, and innovative ideas!”