Harpia Projects

Harpia projects span a wide variety of crypto infrastructure investments. From traditional large scale datacenter build-outs, modular mining pods designed to alleviate grid curtailment issues for wind, solar and hydropower partners, to agro-tech and advanced A.I. implementations, Harpia projects span multiple industry sectors and are actively building the foundation of tomorrow’s economy, today.

Customer Journey

Harpia projects are designed to simplify investment into crypto mining infrastructure. Our standard projects include full service consultancy and management throughout every stage of the project planning and mining process. Whereas many institutional miners are merely plug and play solutions, our data driven approach leverages the full spectrum of available information to ensure maximum efficiency and profit for all clients. 

We strive to be the most efficient players on the market by utilizing our proprietary mathematical model to simulate every possible outcome before making our move.

Our projects begin taking shape after a simple phone call with the Harpia core team to discuss your project specifics and requirements. Next, a tailored sample portfolio presentation based on information from the first call is sent out to you as a potential client. Third, a live video demo of our back-end predictive model is presented to you. Then, once we finalize your desired specifications we’re able to produce a custom project modeled to meet your specific needs. From there we can begin the necessary steps towards rapid build out of your mining operation.  

With a global focus and active operations in both North and South America, we possess the capability to scout sites for the lowest power cost, source the best available hardware, and retrofit real estate for the purposes of mining, all backed by our data driven models and the best partners in the industry.

About Our Projects


We ensure constant project run time by building all electrical infrastructure to a robust industrial standard. This practice greatly reduces failure rate over extended periods of run-time. 


Our hardware agnostic approach allows investors to realize profits from multiple networks and algorithms. This coupled with multipurpose chips allows our clients many revenue streams.


The incentives that govern PoW mining virtually guarantee efficient miners a healthy profit margin. Our projects are designed to be amongst the top 20% most efficient in any network.

Harpia Management

Management & Support

Our team constantly analyzes pool data ensuring hardware up- time and optimal mining conditions. Then we deliver monthly result reporting allowing clients unparalleled transparency and access to our teams.      

Robust Solutions

Our pod based infrastructure allows fully modular solutions and easy maintenance. The pods are rated at 750kW – 1MW, housing hundreds of miners while optimizing stable temperatures and up-time.

Getting Paid

Harpia Distribution System

The Harpia Distribution System (HDS) fund management tool is designed for clients looking to simplify the management of their Cryptocurrency returns. HDS automatically aggregates all mined assets from all running hardware, autonomously trading them for Bitcoin, massively simplifying payment and accounting processes for our clients.  

Ground Breaking New Developments

Developing Green

Project Verde

Project Verde is Harpia’s latest project, a bold move into remote green energy.  Project Verde combines state of the art modular mining pod technology and our data driven back end to alleviate the issue of grid curtailment (shutoff) for solar, wind, and hydro power providers. With Project Verde, green energy players can finally recognize profits on previously wasted power. See how Harpia is utilizing Bitcoin as an economic battery through Project Verde deployment.  

Growing Smart

Project Calculo

Harpia has teamed up with industry partners to deliver a ground- breaking new form of monetization of distributed computing. 
Project Calculo is poised to take advantage of the highly profitable mining market as well as fully composable GPU workloads including AI, Compute and Render applications. 

Reliable Partner

A Brand You Can Trust

Harpia stands by our track record of unique insight, industry leading management, and unparalleled support. Every Harpia project is designed with longevity, efficiency, and reliability in mind. Our customers are our partners and their success is paramount to ours. Let’s build the future today.    

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We are available 24/7

The Crypto market is always running and so are we. Our diverse global team is ready to begin your project immediately. Our unrivaled predictive modeling and robust partner network lets us rocket through the project design process all the way to machines running at breakneck speeds. Wherever you are in the world, we are ready to build. Act quickly, your grandchildren will thank you.