About Harpia

Harpia is a full service Blockchain consultancy and management company designed to simplify large scale investments into the crypto mining market.

We offer turnkey boutique solutions for hardware sourcing, site scouting, and partner introduction; all backed by our industry leading data-driven back end predictive models and advanced proprietary crypto distribution software.

Harpia is leading the way in deploying a new wave of highly efficient, profitable and enviornmentally friendly mining operations across the globe.

With years of experience in all facets of the mining space, Harpia is your one stop shop to owning your own state of the art crypto mining operation.

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Project Values


At Harpia we strive to make the transition into crytpo infrastructure investments as seamless and simple as possible. While the mining hardware market is complex and constantly evolving, our team is wholly dedicated to ongoing investor support services and education throughout their Project lifetime.  


 Peace of mind is important, that’s why every Harpia project is built with the most advanced mining hardware, maintained by our expert team, and run by reputable industry leading partners. With guaranteed up-time, daily payouts and an easy to use, transparent investor portal, Harpia strives to provide unparalleled service. 


Harpia takes security seriously, utilizing exchange grade software solutions and advanced hardware monitoring systems to ensure mined assets are never compromised and always distributed daily. Harpia does not store sensitive user data, allowing investor complete control over their wallets and their private keys.

Unique Management

Monitoring & Support

Eagles Eye

Harpia and its strategic partners deploy on site professionals around the clock at all our facilities in order to maximize up time and investment. We utilize a combination of human and software services to monitor machines, metrics and overall project progress with the utmost attention to detail. Harpia projects come with access to our core team including monthly reporting, reinvestment strategies, educational documents and much more.

Smart Management

Data-Driven Methodology

Our robust data-driven back end gives Harpia the ability to accurately simulate a variety of theoretical mining setups and their returns utilizing real data-points from public Blockchains and existing Harpia projects. This boutique solution allows us to design unique projects for any investor need regardless of risk profile or scale.

Automated Finances

Automated Daily Bitcoin Payouts

Our proprietary Harpia Distribution System (HDS) automatically aggregates and trades all mined coins for Bitcoin every single day. This advanced system also automates expenses and distributes earned Bitcoin to multi-investor funds based on equity division automatically. See why our clients perfer HDS over other trading solutions.

Harpia Partners

To provide the best possible service to our clients we have partnered with many industry leading companies. Our partner network represents the best in hardware procurement, large scale energy players, market leading turnkey infrastructure providers and software developers. Harpia Projects come with exclusive access to hardware, sites and technology, preferred pricing, and unique insights. In this growing market it is crucial to work with the best; let Harpia do the leg work.    

Frontier Mining

Providing turnkey cryptocurrency miners, co-location and mining management services.


Experienced Blockchain developers providing custom software development, smart contract development, legal Blockchain consulting and contract security audits.

T&P Associates

Experts in cryptocurrency, ground up mining deployments and energy production.

Freitas Ferraz

Brazilian legal experts in capital markets, corporate law and administrative contracts, partnered with Harpia for hydroelectric deployment.

Project Profiles

Harpia Projects are designed to maximize return on investment while keeping simplicity in mind. Each month, Harpia produces easy to understand pre-made sample portfolio projects which we constantly update according to hardware opportunities and market forces. These pre-made sample projects allow investors to get comfortable with Harpia’s modeling capabilities and represent our current recommendations in a variety of risk profiles. In addition, Harpia offers fully boutique solutions allowing investors to tailor their mining projects to their exact needs. All of these projects are just a click away from getting started, all backed by the leading infrastructure players in the mining industry. Whatever your goals are as an investor, we can help.

Low Risk Project

Harpia’s lowest risk, least volatile option for risk adverse clients: 80% + investment in the most advanced Bitcoin ASICs and 0-20% in the most profitable ASICs for large cap Alt-coins.

Balanced Project

Harpia’s most popular, balanced offering: 60% investment in the most advanced Bitcoin ASICs and 40% in the most profitable ASICs for large cap Alt-coins.

High Return Project

Harpia’s highest risk, highest reward option, for the most adventurous clients: 60% + investment in the most profitable ASICs for large cap Alt-coins and 0-40% in the most advanced Bitcoin ASICs.

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